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Easy Cheese Pie


Wednesday, October 26, 2016 | 10:01 AM

This cheese pie is delicious and pretty easy to prepare, it requires about an hour from start to finish. I'm sure everyone will love it!

  • 6-8 eggs
  • Salt
  • Some mace
  • A bit of white pepper
  • Butter
  • 15-20 pastry sheets
  • 2.2 lb feta cheese, minced
  • A dose of thick bechamel sauce

  1. First, you make the bechamel sauce (Mix: 10 tablespoons of flour, 3 glasses of milk and 7 tablespoons of butter), let it cool and stir often.
  2. Take a cooking bowl and put in feta cheese, add the bechamel sauce, salt, white pepper, eggs, mace and mix them very well.
  3. In a buttered griddle lay half of the pastry sheets and butter each sheet.
  4. Once done, put in the filling you prepared earlier.
  5. Take the rest of sheets to cover and cut off any edge.
  6. Sprinkle the edges of the bottom crusts with some milk, then stick both together.
  7. Butter the surface and cut it into triangular shapes.
  8. Bake the cheese pie for half an hour or until the surface is nicely brown.